Kirenenko 2

Kirenenko is one of the main characters from the anime shorts Usavich.

Season 1

In the 1º season Kirenenko is an inmate of a Soviet jail dividing his cell with Putin. Originally it was a head of a mafia. While being quiet most of the time he is able to become aggressive and merciless whenever loses control and gets stressed, always getting what he wants without beating up the guards. It is immune to weapons, missiles and poison, and seem to be unable to die. It also demonstrates a totally cruel and selfish personality that always wants to satisfy your desires.

Season 2

After destroying the walls of his cell and escape in a car carrying Putin, he becomes a fugitive from prison. It shows the total traffic rules disrespect hitting several cars, running over people and causing destruction on the streets while flees of cops who chases in the street. Kirenenko again demonstrates the brutality and aggression against the cops batting their bullets and missiles besides destroying their cars with fists. In one episode he comes to bring down a plane and died in the same episode, but easily revive the next episode.

Season 3

Appearance and personality

Kirenenko is a pink bunny with half of his face stitched, probably a mark of battle. He wears a striped red shirt from prison with the number 04. His personality is very moody, generally being calm and ignorant when in his place reading your magazine. However when someone assaults, dirty their sneakers, rips your magazine, or force him to do things against their will he enters into a demonic rage form, which is clearly displayed by his face. In this form he has superhuman and destructive force capable of beating a fleet of police, destroying walls and doors as well as make any impossible thing to have his revenge in the most cruel way possible.