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Fire Kirbysaurus

By using Star Warrior DNA, I have created the ULTIMATE MONSTER!! *laughs*
~ Doctor Moro

Kirbysaurus is the leader of the Dinosaur Army created by Doctor Moro in the Kirby: Right Back at Ya! episode "Fossils Fools". He was created from the superior genes of the mighty Star Warrior Kirby and is formed with a Giganotosaurus in order to gain the size that rivals the D-Rex. Kirbysaurus can use all of the same abilities as Kirby, and even transforms into Fire Kirbysaurus after eating a torch thrown to him by King Dedede. Kirbysaurus was created by Moro to be loyal to him and follow his every command. Kirbysaurus is very similar in appearance to normal Kirby, but with dark red claws, a tail, small fangs, dark red spines running down his back, and flat, glaring yellow eyes.

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