Kirby Cat

Kirby Cat.

Kirby Cat (known as Oscar Lynx in Japan) is a young, mischievous feline character from the anime Maple Town. He has a villain role in the episode "When Children Must Be Grown-Ups".

He is first seen pulling on the train whistle in the said episode as Master Monkey told him that he is tired of him pulling pranks. He is seen in the episode attacking the Maple Town children such as bonking Bobby Bear on the head multiple times after the two came out of the train tunnel that Kirby ran into.

He also has a bag filled with multiple possessions including a photo of his grandmother (it was later destroyed after he got pulled down from the Clock Tower/Windmill), in which he refers to them as his 'treasures'. He was voiced by Naoko Watanabe in the Japanese version.


Kirby is generally a mischievous young feline who causes trouble in Maple Town. Though Patty Rabbit discovers that he also has a sweet side when he states that he is hungry and is once again shown when the portrait of his grandmother broke.


He is a light brown cat with two darker brown stripes on the sides of his face and vertical stripes that stretch down to his forehead. He has a dark brown nose and six small whiskers with 3 on each side of the nose. He has brown triangular ears with pink insides and a striped tail that is in two shades of brown.

He wears a white and yellow-green shirt with a large horizontal stripe, red pants, and brown shoes.