This is a Test Bye Bye, Jesus Yamato00:33

This is a Test Bye Bye, Jesus Yamato

Kira Yamato was a villain in Gundam seed destiny following the path of being a terrorist throughout the series. Kira Yamato is a pilot in the gundam seed and gundam seed destiny universe. He is called the ultimate coordinator which doesn't really mean anything in the series. The only skills Kira relies on is a multi lock on system and his abilities of using too much plot armor in both series where fans have called him Jesus Yamato. In the Seed universe he was an ok Character when piloting the strike Gundam. When Kira receives the Freedom all he does is become a shitty ass character that relies on a multi lock on system to do his work for him. Examples can be found when he pilots the strike again while fighting zakus and goufs and losing to them because he doesn't have a lock on system in the strike.