Kira Wulfstan was a minor antagonist in Vandal Hearts, who later turned hero, and the assistant to Dolf.


Ash, Clint, Diego, Huxley, and Eleni first met Kira after they were ambushed by theives on the Rhine Bridge. Kira offers to help the group, and kills many of the bats and thieves. She joins the group and shows interest in Diego. Ash thinks it's a good idea to have another archer in their party, but Clint is skeptical.

Later, after the group saves General Magnus (as per Dolf's orders), and is greeted by Dolf and Hel, who have the stone that Magnus recovered, Dolf reveals that he knew the groups every move, thanks to Kira. Clint, who was developing feelings for Kira, is shocked.

Ash, Sarah, Grog and Magnus end up in a time-space rip created by Magnus and Dolf, while everyone else in the party (save Diego and Dolan) are imprisoned.

Kira gives Clint the keys to help him break out with Darius, Amon and Eleni.

The team later re-assembles and after Hel Spites rise to power, assassination by Dolf, and Dolf's search for the stone again (the team recovered it from a train guarded by Crimson Guard Leader, Dallas Greatarmor) has Xeno threaten the group for it.

Xeno says unless the team gives him the stone, he will kill Kira. Ash, not wanting more bloodshed, gives Xeno the stone, but Xeno doesn't release Kira. He disappears, but the group saves her. She joins the group once again, determined to stop Dolf.

After the group stops Dolf, and Ash disappears, Kira and Clint get engaged.


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