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I heard a faint voice cry out. The next moment, those two villainous men burst into flames!

-Kira At the first witch trial in the episode the Fire witch

Kira is a flower girl from Labyrinthia and minor antagonist in the game Professor Layton Vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney.

She was of the four or maybe five witnesses, to see Espella use magic and accused her to be a witch during the first trial, her and the other witnesses said they were there the night of the crime when they flames from an incantation. Espella has demand to Phoenix Wright and Maya to help her at the trial, but Phoenix and Maya doesn't have their memory back yet certain to be both bakers from Labirynthia for five years, and Kira and the others Witnesses still insist that Espella is a witch.

But then phoenix and Maya finally have their memory back remember the trial in their world, Phoenix tries his best to defend Espella to not be killed in the fire pit, but seem to fail everytime he get the chance to finally have the juge and jury members on his side, because Kira and the others still not change their testimony. Professor Layton and Luke appear give the magic book to Phoenix for prove espella was not the witch, so both of them tries to show the evidence without any success at first, until kira said she had lost her glasses at the crime scene.

So, it was the missing piece of evidence the trial had missing, confusing everyone and a fifth witnesses appear, the fitfh witnesses was named Emeer who was believe someone call his name. So, Phoenix said the real witch was in the court, Wright and Layton accusing Kira to be a witch, she denied until the court find the glasses in the milk bucket. And they put her in the cage above the fire pit, she claimed she never wanted to be a witch, before she was going to her death she was still claiming Espella was the high witch and finally burned to death when Phoenix Hershel Luke and Maya wanted to save her.

It was revealed she had survived her fate working High Inquisitor Darklaw has a shade, when Phoenix tell her how she still alive she run away, later at the third trial she finally stand up to Eve and was finally redeemed and was a flower girl again.