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I own you, kid. That contract you signed? It wasn't an acting contract; it was adoption papers. So, as your legal guardian, I say, YOU CAN'T QUIT!
~ Kip Snip to Bloo.

Kip Snip was a villain from Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, and the main antagonist of the episode "The Sweet Stench of Success".


He was a Hollywood agent who adopted Bloo after he got jealous of Eduardo's TV publicity. After acting for many deoderant commercials, Bloo wanted to go home to Foster's, but Kip refuses to let him leave and makes him sleep in a cage.

Kip reveals that the contract Bloo signed was not an acting contract, but actually adoption papers, making Kip his new guardian. Mac then receives Bloo's secret message on TV "Help me, Mac," and is rescued by Mac and friends. Kip is arrested for false advertising after revealing that the deoderant he sponsered makes people smell worse. Kip Snip Tells Bloo, Mac, and the Fosters Gang this isn't over, though it most certainly is for him.


  • Kip is very similar to Dick Hardly from The Powerpuff Girls, which was also one of Craig McCracken works before Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. Both wear glasses, are con artists, blonde, motivated by greed, and trick the main character/characters for their own personal gain.

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