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The Kings of Edom are terrible Lovecraftian-style alien-gods and major antagonists in the computer game Champions Online, although imprisoned from mainstream reality (speculated to be Qliphoth) they are served by innumerable demons known as Horrors as well as madmen and women from across the universe who seek power, wealth or depravity in their name.

The Kings of Edom feed on suffering, despair and madness - their realm is one of utter anarchy and ruin with no hope and no end, their minions often embody the darkest aspects of the human mind and spirit while those who seek out their power are often destroyed by it.

The Kings of Edom can not be destroyed, they are eternal and without limit - however their minions can be defeated and the heroes of the world must unite to take down these beasts in order to prevent their demonic masters from breaking free and infecting reality with their chaos taint.

People who obtain some of the powers of the Kings of Edom are known as Edomites - becoming lesser-gods in the process, many evil beings seek this fate and some (such as Luther Black and Shadow Destroyer) have seemingly succeeded in doing so.

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