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King of sorrow
If sorrow is so unwelcome here...who cares if the world is destroyed? Let the world be consumed by sorrow. It was I who brought you, the Dream Traveler, this that you can atone for the sins of this world, Klonoa!
~ The King of Sorrow, to Klonoa

The King of Sorrow is the hidden main antagonist of the 2002 PS2 video game Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil. He is the leader of Hyuponia, the fifth Lunatean kingdom that was separated from the others when the world rejected sorrow. To make the world accept sorrow, he manipulated Leorina and Tat into using Ishras' Ark to bridge Hyuponia with Lunatea proper, but they were ultimately defeated by Klonoa, Lolo, and Popka after Leorina was consumed by the power of sorrow.

The King can be heard calling out to Klonoa for help throughout the game, but aside from his silhouette in the opening sequence, he is not seen in person until late in the game, when Klonoa and his friends confront the King at his lair, the Terminus of Tears. The King, feeling hurt when he assumes Klonoa wants to banish sorrow, attacks him in anger, but is defeated and fatally injured after a two-part battle. Klonoa, however, realizes the King was the one calling for help and decides to help him. He rings Hyponia's bell and, as the King dies in his arms, assures him that the world will no longer forget sorrow.

During the ending credits, the High Priestess is seen holding an infant version of the King, implying that he was reborn. Meanwhile, Leorina and Tat help rebuild Hyuponia.