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Little is known of the King of Clubs, but that he was the childhood friend of Amos Fortune, the "Ace of Clubs" of the Royal Flush Gang. Fortune patterened all of his original gang members as the Suit of Clubs and provided them with weaponized playing cards charged with Stellaration energy. The King fought up against and initially defeated several members of the Justice League of America, including Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Flash, and Wonder Woman. Ultimately, it was Snapper Carr who was granted the means by which to defeat the Royal Flush Gang. The Gang later faced the League again, initially disguised as the historical characters from whom their cards were derived (in King's case, Alexander the Great) while searching for a lost treasure. Amos Fortune eventually abandoned the Gang. Shortly thereafter, the King and the Gang switched suits to Spades and attempted to steal paintings containing clues to a hidden treasure, but were thwarted by the machinations of the Joker. After a prolonged period of inactivity, and with several new members, they later fought Wonder Woman although by now, only the King and Queen remained from the original lineup.

After this failure, the King abandoned his criminal career, but he later reunited with his original Gang for a one-time encounter against the so-called "Justice League Detroit". The Gang were defeated, then betrayed by their former leader Amos Fortune, who killed the King of Clubs by cutting his throat.

Television History

King of Clubs DCAU

King was one of five children that were taken from their homes and placed in a government-funded facility where they were trained to use their powers for the purpose of being used as weapons. During their late teens, the Joker freed the children and formed them into the Royal Flush Gang team, using four of its team members as interference to prevent the Justice League from defusing all the bombs he had set up in Las Vegas, while using Ace to manipulate the minds of those watching the Justice League in action on television.

Powers and Abilities


King was a pyrokinetic who was able to project fire from his hands.


This version of the character was voiced by Scott Menville.


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