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King Zongo was eventually the former main antagonist of the episode, "The Monkey Pirate King", which is an an episode of Jake and the Never Land Pirates.


Zongo was eventually very notorious for taking over the hideout by sending his army of pirates. One other example is stealing Jake's hideout and intruding the hideout without asking any permission.


The Monkey Pirate King

Zongo does not appear until Captain Hook tries to stop the monkeys. Eventually, King Zongo ended up taunting Jake and his crew that he takes over his place and preventing them from reaching his treasure. One of Zongo's notorious plans is when he releases water to get rid of Jake and his crew.

Jake and his crew eventually became foiled by Zongo's devious plans. Izzy was able to stop him by using her bag of pixie dust. Zongo was eventually scolded by Jake and is forced to keep a promise not to cause any more mischief. As soon as the treasure chest of bananas reaches Captain Hook's ship via pixie dust, Zongo and his monkey pirates turn against them.


  • Zongo is voiced by Chris Kattan.
  • Though Zongo is seen confronting Jake and his crew, we see him capturing Captain Hook and his crew. Also, we also see him tricking the pirates with a treasure chest full of bananas (which is considered fake treasure). This makes a perfect example of Evil vs. Evil.
  • Zongo is the Never Land equivalent of Sun Wukong. Both villains are depicted as monkeys who find out what is wrong.
    • However, the name "Zongo" may be a parody of Sun Wukong.