King Zero is the principal antagonist of the TV special Lamb Chop in the Land of No Numbers. Because he wasn't good at counting, especially at math (despite being great at every other subject mentioned), being king, he has forbidden anything to do with it; therefore, there are no dates, meaning no birthdays, meaning no growing up, meaning no adults. Charlie Horse is the one chosen to teach him numbers. He, at one point, sentences a girl to the dungeon for saying the king could count on her, and "count" was a word that had something to do with numbers. He even forbids ordinal numbers, such as "first" or "second", so much that in fact, he has Charlie Horse thrown in jail for even speaking of them. On the other hand, having been a cellmate of another creature who has been in jail for a time he cannot remember, Charlie Horse learns from the Number Fairy how to subtract, and he does that to get out of jail.

Eventually, after Charlie Horse teaches a group of kids about numbers and their benefits, they (mostly Charlie Horse) chant about it to him. Later, Hush Puppy, as the police chief, joins the mob of children, and Lamb Chop (as the prime minister) tells him to know his numbers, all to his disbelief. Charlie Horse, with the help of the Number Fairy, begins (with the other kids joining in) to demand he show them his crown, but he cannot because, though knowing the combination is 2-4-6-8, he cannot open the lock on the treasure chest, where it is kept, which is because he doesn't know what numbers even look like. However, Lamb Chop and Charlie Horse help him with numbers. Eventually, he reveals his crown and wears it. It is implied that he reforms, as the Land of No Numbers is turned into the Land of Many Numbers.

King Zero was played by Darran Doran.