King Willie

King Willie

You can't see the eyes of a demon, until him come callin'. This is truely dread, man. Truely dread.
~ King Willie

King Willie is a minor villain in Predator 2. He is a Voodoo priest and the leader of the Jamiacan Voodoo Posse street gang in crime-ridden 1997 Los Angeles.

While not a major villian and even giving Detective Harrigan his thoughts on the Predator saying it was a demon from the other side that could not be killed. Harrigan did not believe him and left leaving Willie to be killed and beheaded by the Predator. King Willie's skull now serves as another trophy to the Predator warrior.

He was a still a villian due to the fact that he was a leader of a major gang and a drug dealer and his most evil was to order his men to cut out his rivals' hearts out in a voodoo ritual to take their souls.


  • Another ganglord identified as "King Willie" appears as the leader of Les Servituers in the game.
  • Despite being said to Voodoo, a religion not very common in Jamiaca he may be just saying that to justify his acts and disconnected mindset. He may be a Rastrafarian which is a common religion in Jamiaca which would explain his Dreadlocks and the fact he calls Babylon a Rastrafrain term for the Justice System as they see as evil. Or Christian due to the fact he has a large cross on his breast plate.