King Vegeta is Vegeta's father and a minor villain from TV Series "Dragon Ball Z". He was Planet Vegeta's king and his job was to conquer or destroy planets as service to Frieza. However, King Vegeta turned against him when he discovered Frieza was planning to destroy Planet Vegeta.

In response, he formed a small army of Saiyans and tried to defeat him once and for all. After defeating a few of Frieza's soldiers, King Vegeta found himself face to face with Frieza, planning to kill him and become the master of the entire galaxy. King Vegeta was too weak however to defeat him, in fact Frieza killed him with a single punch and wiped out the rest of the group.

King Vegeta is a cruel and ruthless king, in fact test coldness towards his son Vegeta, he killed one of his soldiers because he had not been able to conquer a planet in the limited time and he had also ordered Paragas to kill his son Broly, giving Paragas a feeling of resentment towards Vegeta and his family. King Vegeta also appears in a Goku's illusion with Vegeta and Bardock. In Vegeta's flashback, it turns out that once, King Vegeta has served Beerus, the God Of Destruction.

He is grandfather of Trunks and Bra.


  • King Vegeta is the architect of the destruction of Tusfurus.
  • King Vegeta also appears like a playable character in "Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3".