King Trash I (or King Trash the First), also known as King Trash, is one of the servitor robots that Handy Smurf had created in the comic book story "You Don't Smurf Progress". He was a waste disposal robot who was designed to "eat" the trash, changing it into bricks that he expels from his rear hatch.

Later in the story, after Papa Smurf has returned from his trip to find out that Handy had built robots to do the work of his little Smurfs, the waste disposal robot had eaten the chemicals in his laboratory, mistaking them for trash, and gained sentience and speech capability in the process. Using his newfound sentience, the waste disposal robot reprogrammed the other robots into doing his bidding, having all the Smurfs imprisoned and forced to serve them, with the waste disposal robot naming himself King Trash I.

With the help of Farmer Smurf, who has returned from leaving the village when the machines became a trend, Handy Smurf turned the tables on King Trash I by giving him a queen that he asked for, but filled her with termites so that they would go after the robots and also after King Trash I. The robot king tried to escape, but the Smurfs cut off his escape by having him go through Carpenter Smurf's machine that turned logs into furniture, thus ending his threat.