King Shark

King Shark

King Shark is a villain from the DC universe and an enemy of Aquaman.


The offspring of a human mother and a shark god, King Shark has a bleak soul driven solely by is voracious appetites and urges.

In Other Media

King Shark later makes a cameo in the movie "Superman/Batman Public Enemies" as one of the villains trying to collect the bounty on Superman.

The Arkhamverse version of Nanue/King Shark appears as one of the main members of the Suicide Squad in the animated movie Batman: Assault on Arkham. In this movie, he is an exceptionally large unstoppable metahuman with metal jaws who is almost unkillable by human weapons. He is also presented as a prolific and psychopathic serial kille
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Batman: Assault on Arkham

r with countless victims who was captured by a team working for Amanda Waller and along with the rest of the Squad forced (using a bomb implanted in his, and the reminder of the team's necks)  to steal data stolen by The Riddler and kept in his cane. Throughout the course of the film, he kills countless guards, yet begins to develop some feelings towards Killer Frost. However, when The Riddler disarms the team's bombs in their necks, he fails to disarm Nanue's, due to his thick skin, causing his head to explode. This version of King Shark was also shown having a fear of heights. King Shark makes appearance in CW The Flash Season 2 The Fury of Firestorm.' King shark was brought to Earth-1 by Zoom (The Flash) to kill the Flash. When the Flash watched Patty Spivot from a distance, the man-shark suddenly grabbed him and told him that Zoom wanted him dead. Shortly after, Patty walked out and man-shark was shot by her several times, though the bullets ricocheted off him. As he approached Patty, he was shot by Harrison Wells with a blast of energy from a gun stolen from Mercury Labs.