King Richard is one of the main Antagonist in Galavant. Just like Queen Mandalena, he always wants to run his medieval country with an iron fist and wants to be richest man in his country. He always holds a grudge against his brother Kingsley. Both are tyrants and wants to prove their love with their parents. Kingsley always won them over and Richard is treated like dirt with them and ignored. Like King Lear, where two brothers fight over the affection of two parents and Kingsley won. After his father died, Kingsley was groomed to be king but he refused the crown. So he stepped down as king and wants to rule his own country with an iron fist, pillage and sow his wild oats. So Richard took over the throne and rules with an iron fist. So he spent most of his years taxing his people and picking on them and rub their faces that he is wealthy and powerful and their not. One thing he always wanted the most is Madalena, he kidnapped her from her fiancee Galavant and force her to marry him. While Galavant rescued her, she turned him down over Richard's wealth and power. Richard won and they got married. Over a year, Madelena changed and she was miserable. He was unaware she was plotting to overthrow Richard of the throne and still in love with Galavant. Wants to use him a plaything, even though she had a plaything for the whole year with the Court Jester.