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King Nixel is the main antagonist in the Mixels franchise. He is a powerful tyrant and the Mixel's arch-nemesis

ruler of the Nixels. King Nixel hates fun and creativity, and he wants to rid the world of it. He often sends Major Nixel to raid Mixels Land and steal all the Cubits so the Mixels can't fight back. King Nixel made no appearance at all in the first season of the show; his first appearance was in the special Mixel Moon Madness. At the end of the episode, Major Nixel is seen reporting Mixels on Mixel Moon to King Nixel, resulting in him shouting angrily. Major Nixel is very afraid of King Nixel. He later appears in the episode A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig as the main antagonist.

The Quest for the Lost Mixamajig

King Nixel was fully revealed in A Quest for the Lost Mixamajig. Fed up with Major Nixel's constant failures, King Nixel announces that he wants to take matters into his own hands. King Nixel's plan takes on a different and smarter strategy; rather than trying to steal the Mixels' Cubits, he wants to gather them up into one spot and then capture and destroy the Mixels. To do this, King Nixel creates a hoax involving a treasure called the "Mixamajig" that can only be found by "the chosen one." The chosen one being the Mixel who is given the magic key to the treasure. In reality, several Mixels were given a key, so when all the Mixels arrive at the spot the keys led them to, a portal between Mixels Land and Nixels Land, a free-for-all breaks out. While the Mixels are fighting, King Nixel sneaks up and traps them all in his airship.

However, once the Mixels realize the whole thing was a setup, they're quick to mix with each other, form an army of Maxes, and break out of the airship. But when King Nixel is challenged, he removes his cloak, revealing that his body is made entirely out of Nixels. A huge swarm of Nixels comes to their King's aid, climbing on his body and causing it to grow even larger. The Maxes realize that they can't beat King Nixel, so they decide to mix again. As this is basically mixing together every Mixel in existence, the result is an extremely powerful and colossal creature called the Ultra-Miximum Max. King Nixel and the Ultra-Miximum Max struggle for some time, but the Ultra-Miximum Max eventually gets the upper hand. The Ultra-Miximum Max manages to destroy the King's artificial body, and then smashes King Nixel's head, which turns out to be mechanized as well. As it turns out, King Nixel is actually about the same size as a normal Nixel. Once he's separated from his mechanical body, King Nixel runs away crying with the rest of his swarm, vowing revenge as he leaves.

Nixel nixel go away

King Nixel reappear in the Mixel Series finale, Some time after the defeat his nixels discovered Mixopolis at first he was willing to destroy the mixel city but then through to make the city his own, and he come up with an new plan to scum the mixels with an product called "I-Cubits" it's may look like an regular cubit but instead of allowing the mixels to mix the i-cubit drain the color out of them, and then a few days later, every mixel in the city was lined but and traded their colored cubits for the new i-cibit (except the special's protagonist booger).

Later, Major Nixel revealed the news that almost every cubit have been traded and king nixel is happy and the plan is ready for phase 2, but major nixel told him that there's only one cubit missing but he call it nonsense and told him that one cubit will not be enough to defeat and yelled at him to go, and then he releashed his nixel army to attack the mixels and the mixels are unable to fight back because of the lack of cubits and was turned into colorless zombies and the nixels drained all of the colors in the city.

Booger and his friends are left alone and notice the nixels are unloading barrels of the cubit reduce into their pure liquid essence, and he plan to wear cardboard boxes to disguise themselves as nixels, Meanwhile the nindjas the trouble is created by the nixels and they was able to go to the building and see nixels and they fuse together making the nindjas to max and they tried to defeat it but was defeated. and then the newerz notice it and screeno decide to follow them, the kids notice they got security and they was able to go pass them and head to the center of the building. Meanwhile the newerz were unable to get pass guards but luckily camsta was able to lift them inside, and then King Nixel called Major Nixel to ask if they are anymore mixels, he then is happy and tell that the mixels are fools as it was so easy to fool them to give up their cubits, and the newerz record it to Mixopolis' Studium and the remaining mixels are there and he didn't notice and continued making fun of them until an nixel told him the news and he ordered the nixels to attack the mixels and now the plan is up to it's 3rd and final phase and booger reveal himself and say the nindjas will defeat him but he reveal them under his control and told the mixels that he was able to scam all of mixopolis by taking all of the cubits and he said that he reduce the cubits down to their essence and load it all into an misslie and planned to launch into the sky and it will absorb all of the colors and booger said he's won't get away of it but he regard it as he is just a small mixel and he have all of the cubits and then booger reveal his cubit and king nixel is shocked and ordered the mixel zombies to attack them, but the mixels was able to stop them with Coordinated, Group, Dancing, his nixels then fuse togethr into an giant nixel and now the mixels must replace the i-cubit with booger's cubit and booger with the help of the nindjas was able to switch them and restored the mixels but king nixel pressed an button and sealed him into the misslie and the misslie is launched and king nixel is excited as mixopolis is finished but then the misslie malfunction and got blow up and all of the cubit essence start raining back down to the city restoring the color and the mixels and they were able to overpower the nixels, and then king nixel's body got "mixelized" but his true form was safe and make his escape and hope on an rocket and say that the mixels haven't seen the last of him, but an flytrap appear and turned him into ash and revealed to be slusho and tungster, defeating him for good.