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Very soon, all that we survey shall be ours to rule. With an iron hand!
~ King Mondo

King Mondo is the leader of the Machine Empire and the main antagonist of Power Rangers Zeo, as well as a minor villain in Power Rangers In Space.


King Mondo lead his Machine Empire to the Moon, where they drove out Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa. He believed that Earth would be an easy conquest, but was surprised when the Zeo Power Rangers defeated a squad of his Cogs. However King Mondo was intrigued by this more than he was angered, since all of his previous conquests had been boring and too easy and these Power Rangers actually proved formidable.

Super King Mondo

Super King Mondo

Mondo eventually got tired of the Rangers getting in his way, but just as he came close to destroying them, the Gold Zeo Ranger showed up and defeated him again. Finally Mondo had had enough of the Power Rangers and unearthed the powerful Sword of Damocles. He grew to giant size and fought the Super Zeo Megazord, but was destroyed in the battle.

Mondo later was rebuilt and drove out Prince Gasket and Archerina who had taken over in his absence. He sent in a new monster called Cog Changer and formed a temporary alliance with Zedd, Rita, and their monster. But they soon started fighting against each other again since they both wanted to get the Gold Ranger powers. Eventually King Mondo engaged the Rangers in giant form for a final battle, but was defeated. Later he and the rest of the Royal House of Gadgetry met with Zedd and Rita, who used a bomb to blow up Mondo and the others.

In Space

Mondo destroyed

King Mondo destroyed by the energy wave

However they were rebuilt by the United Alliance of Evil and joined the meeting on the Cimmerian Planet. King Mondo led the Machine Empire and General Havoc in an attack on KO-35 and the Phantom Ranger's planet. However Zordon's energy wave turned him into a pile of dust like most of the other villains and was destroyed forever.


Mondo statue

King Mondo's bronze statue

Many years later, General Venjix, the leader of the remnants of the Machine Empire, still looked up to his former King as a living god over creation. Before his destruction, he was sad that he failed his King years after the Machine Empire fell. King Mondo is mentioned by Venjix, also he shows to his minions a statue of him.


King Mondo is able to fire electrical bolts from his staff and teleport and shows skill in hand-to-hand fighting.


  • Mondo's counterpart from the Sentai series Zeo was adapted from, Chouriki Sentai Ohranger, was Emperor Bacchus Wrath.
  • On the toy side of the series, Mondo wasn't the supreme leader of the empire in question. But, he was in the collection as enemy figure for Zeo Ranger I's micro playset.

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