King Kaliente is a large orange-colored octopus that made his first debut in the Wii game Super Mario Galaxy.


Super Mario Galaxy

King Kaliente is fought as a boss on the Good Egg Galaxy and Bowser Jr.s Lava Reactor. He resides in lava and has a crown, a pair of blue eyes, and a white moustache. King Kaliente uses fireballs as his primary choice of attack. He can also shoot coconuts, summon bouncing blue fireballs, and release meteors from the sky. King Kaliente must be damaged by his deflected coconuts. Three direct hits instantly defeats King Kaliente.

Super Mario Galaxy 2

King Kaliente once again returns in the sequel Super Mario Galaxy 2 as a boss along with other bosses from the previous game. He is the first boss encountered and fought in Boss Blitz Galaxy.


  • King Kaliente's name, Caliente, means hot, or spicy, in Spanish.
  • It's hinted that he has some relation with Prince Pikante.


King Kaliente (Fast) - Super Mario Galaxy01:16

King Kaliente (Fast) - Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy - King Kaliente's Battle Fleet08:06

Super Mario Galaxy - King Kaliente's Battle Fleet