King Jikochuu is the main antagonist of the season Doki Doki! Pretty Cure. He is responsible of the destruction of the Trump Kingdom and he is the leader/creator of the Jikochuu Generals and the Jikochuu.


It appears as a large black figure and evil, full of thorns and with a kind of helmet with horns on his head. His eyes are red and appears laughing cruelly. His ressurected body has muscular body and has hands and legs like Akudaikan.


The Destruction of the Trump Kingdom

King Jikochuu was born as the result of the King of the Trump Kingdom being possessed by an ancient evil sealed within a crown that he uses to save his daughter Princess Marie-Ange. Using the ruler as a vessel, King Jikochuu proceeds to create Jikochuu to conquer the Trump Kingdom before being defeated by Marie-Ange and placed in a state of rest. However, King Jikochu sends three of his most powerful followers, the Jikochuu Trio, to Earth to gather the selfishness of humans to revive.


  • He appears to be similar to the Dark King who also has destroyed the world of the mascots.
  • His actions, the destruction of a kingdom before the series started, are similar to Dark Kings's and Desperaia's.
  • He is the first boss to have relatives.
  • He appears to have some control over electricity.