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Mr. Jellybean
Just let this happen
~ King Jellybean trying to rape Morty

King Jellybean (also referred to as Mr. Jellybean) is a one-shot, but well-known antagonist in the episode Meeseeks and Destroy in the cartoon series, Rick and Morty. He is a giant anthropomorphic jelly bean with the appearance of a male in his late forties to early 60s. He was revealed at the end of the episode that he was king of the poor village Rick and Morty tried to help.

He was voiced by Tom Kenny.


Mr. Jellybean appears as the beloved king of an impoverished, medieval-style village. It is heavily implied he had molested or raped many young boys without the knowledge of the villagers. We first see him having a friendly conversation with Morty about Rick's crazy adventures, he encourages Morty by saying that adventures are supposed be crazy. He then starts touching Morty, making him uncormfortable, as Morty tries to escape, Jellybean loses his patience and starts to attack Morty in to a public toilet, but Morty manages to fight him off and escape.


He seemed friendly and imaginative at first, then growing ever so aggressive after luring his victims in. He is assumed to have raped many boys because of a statue at the end of him and a young boy. It is also shown that his royal servants found pictures in his home incriminating him.


Rick MAD RayGun

It is heavily implied that Rick finds out what had happened in the toilets (as he saw Morty emerge disheveled and tearful, with Mr. Jellybean emerging moments later.) When Rick and Morty return to their dimension, Rick reopens the portal, and kills Mr. Jellybean with his ray gun.

Jellybean killed

After Mr. Jellybean's death, it is revealed that two townsfolk discovered disturbing photographs of him (the images are never shown but it is implied that they are pictures of him molesting boys) but they decide to destroy the incriminating photos because the townspeople would "get more from the idea he represented than from the jellybean he actually was." A monument was shown as a testament to Mr. Jellybean, showing him standing behind a young boy.


  • A similar looking character is shown in one of Justin Roiland's cartoon shorts on Channel 101, but he is known as Crumply Crumpleskin, hosting a show called Unbelievable Tales. Like with his portrayal on Rick and Morty he is a fowl character, and is also a child murderer in the same short, cutting off two young boys' faces and sticking them onto his own.
  • He is voiced by Tom Kenny, from the Spongebob Squarepants fame, voiced a slightly similar character called the Ice King, as they are both kings of a medieval village.