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King Hiss' true form

And now you perish, by the poisonous power of my serpents venom!
~ King Hiss

King Hiss is the supreme ruler of the sinister of the cruel race known as the Snake Men and arch-nemesis to Zodak, the Cosmic Enforcer. In ancient times, the Snake Men nearly conquered Eternia. King Hiss confronted King Grayskull before the Evil Horde, led by Hordak would attack. During the "Great Wars" Shiela, the brother of Zodak was eaten by King Hiss. The Snake Men where defeated by the Elders and mystic Zodak, but would ions later return from their prison. King Hiss was the original inhabator of Snake Mountain. 


Not much is known about King Hiss' past. He once in ancient times was named Hiss of the Viper House and was a servant to the mysterious evil entity "The Unnamed One". He was the most sinister and ruthless of Snake Men and would become their King. He - just like all other Snake Men - was a humanoid snake but unlike them could transform into a human-like facade. King Hiss would become to wield dark magic as ancient as that of the Elders. With his armies of vicious Snake Men, he marched to King Grayskull's castle to conquer Eternia. As the "Great Wars" unfolded, King Grayskull and King Hiss where locked in mortal combat. When the where on the brink of victory, the Evil Horde led by Hordak appeared and defeated the Snake Men. King Grayskull battled Hordak and died in the battle. The mystic Elders where born. The Snake Men returned and to Snake Mountain which once was their living God Serpos. In a battle at Snake Mountain, King Hiss and the Snake Men faced off against Tiera and Zodak the mystic Enforcers. Tiera was brutally killed and consumed by King Hiss' snake form. The Snake Men general Rattlor, beat Zodak and threw him in a stream. From that day forth, Zodak promised he would avange his brothers dead and destroy King Hiss. And so he would do, eventually the Snake Men where beaten by the combined strengh of the Elders and Zodak. The Elders locked the Snake Men up in a deep dimensonal void deep within the hidden corridors of Snake Mountain. Only the staff of Zodak could re-open the void and free the snakes from their captivity. 

Centuries past. The Council of Elders was no more, the evil Skeletor and his warriors had taken shelter in Snake Mountain, and a new heroic warrior He-Man had risen to protect Eternia. A decendent of the old Snake Men the viperous Kobra Khan was locked in the Eternian prison. Kobra Khan had all his life planned to somehow free his ancestors so they could rule Eternia once again. Khan escaped from his prison and left to Snake Mountain confronting Skeletor and his warriors.