King Hippo is an obese and gluttonous boxer from the fictional South Pacific island of Hippo Island. Even though he is a neutral character in the Punch-Out!! series, King Hippo is shown to be one of Mother Brian's henchmen, alongside his partner Eggplant Wizard, in the DiC Entertainment cartoon, Captain N: The Game Master.


King Hippo (left) alongside the Eggplant Wizard (right) and their boss, Mother Brain (middle)

King Hippo comes from the Video Land world of Punch-Out!!. King is shown to be cruel, indulgent, argumentative, opprobrious, and shrewish, but is short on brains as he is big on muscle. He has a very short temper to those around him, but he often gets more annoyed and angry from Eggplant Wizard.


  • Mother Brain's henchmen, King Hippo and Egglant Wizard, are very similar to Dr. Robotnik's henchmen, Scratch and Grounder, with Eggplant Wizard being like Scratch and King Hippo being like Grounder, from DiC's other video-game-based cartoon, Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog. Both pairs are incompetent and dim-witted henchmen of the main villain since they are known to often fail all of their sneaky schemes their boss orders them to do.
  • In the Punch-Out!! games King Hippo has tan skin with orange shorts, pink boxing gloves, brown shoes, and a silver crown, while in the Captain N cartoon, King Hippo has blue skin with maroon shorts, yellow sneakers, orange gloves, and a red crown with a white fur trim with black spots and yellow round points.