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King Harkinian

I wonder what's for DINNER?
~ King Harkinian

King Harkinian is the King of Hyrule in the CD-i games Link: The Faces of Evil and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, who actually originated in the Legend of Zelda cartoon series. He was originally far from a villain, but due to what many consider to be amongst the worst graphics, plot and acting in a video-game he lives on in infamy in YouTube Poop videos and similar works. Depending on the nature of the YouTube Poop or other parody he is portrayed in, the King's role can vary from a hero to anti-hero to a nuisance to a villain.

The King's Epic Adventure

The main character of this series, although his intentions of making everyone taste his feces are not exactly portrayals of heroic feats. Ironically, he has done many good deeds like helping people and defeating evil foes while trying to reach this questionable goal.

Final Spaghetti

The King's crowning moment in villainy is perhaps when he made himself a powerful entity and killed Luigi in the Final Spaghetti series. These two battle are parodies of the popular and critically acclaimed RPG series Final Fantasy, mainly Final Fantasy IV and VI. He also parodied Kefka in a fan-made rom-hack inspired by this YTP that featured him as a parody boss - complete with a remix of "Dancing Mad" that had voice-clips of the King's now famous "Mah Boi!", "My ship sails in the morning." and "I wonder what's for dinner?" lines.

In the fan game the King makes himself a God (much as Kefka did) and declares that he shall turn all things into dinner before attacking the group - he is ultimately defeated and melts away much as Kefka did.