King Gorneesh
was the ruler of a band of Duloks in the relatively obscure cartoon series Ewoks, which was loosely affiliated with the expanded Star Wars universe - he was a tribal leader and while not the leader of all Duloks was big and strong enough to hold power over the tribe that would cause the most trouble against the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village.

Like all Duloks King Gorneesh was neither pleasant nor smart and took pride in his barbaric nature, thinking the best way to rule was via violence and bullying - he also deemed Ewoks as weaker and thus a suitable target for his raids, though he seemed incapable of understanding (or admitting) that the Ewoks, while smaller, were much smarter then he was and thus usually got the upper hand.

King Gorneesh was married to Urgah, who was a demanding queen and together they raised three children - one of which was known as Prince Boogutt: Gorneesh tried to appease his wife but the two often bickered, though this was common for all Duloks - who tended to think with their fists rather than their minds.

Due to being generally lazy in nature King Gorneesh often bullied his minions into doing his misdeeds for him but would always try and claim credit for any success - one of his more notable minions was the Dulok shaman named Umwak.