King Gorgeous Gorge

Don Cook (ドン・クック Don Kukku) / King Gorgeous Gorge

Voiced by: Jin Nishimura (Japanese), Michael Alston Bailey (English)

King Gorgeous Gorge is the primary villain of the series,Fighting Foodons. King Gorgeous Gorge was one of Oslo's students that rised against him and overthrew him when he was King of Food. Following this, he transforming Oslo to what he is miniature self. He also turned a young rocket scientist named Dia into Clawdia and her four animal lab partners into the Big 4: Cinnamonkey, Cole Slawter, Rose Marinade, and Chef Grill. Don Cook became King Gorgeous Gorge and started the Glutton Empire to take over the world. His Foodons are Fowligator, Sir Loin, Steak King, Multiprawns, Screwdles, Flyin' Flapjacks, Seafood Impastas, Sushi Ship, and Snack Attack.


In the earlier years...

His sworn enemy is Chase and he orders his henchmen to capture him or destroy him. In the final two episodes, Chase and King Gorge had a showdown in which King Gorge summoned Devouron: the Foodon Embodiment of Darkness while Oslo comes up with a "spirit bomb physiology" and has the people of the world give their energy to Chase so he can gain the ability to create Palator: the Foodon Embodiment of Light. Chase and Palator triumphed over King Gorge, resulting in Devouron's destruction. King Gorge eventually regained consciousness from Palator's attack. After he was deafeted Gorge became upset and confused on how he was beaten, when chase saw Gorge groveling he made a plate of fried rice that was apparantly so good that Gorge proudly admitted his defeat and proclaimed Chase as the new King of Food and dissapeared out of thin air.