Goldo Golderson... now there's a name just asking for trouble.
~ Gnarl, referring to Goldo's obsession with treasure.
King goldo

King Goldo was a dwarven king and a member of the Seven Heroes who grew obsessed with gold, to the point that he had his people work endlessly in mines (along with several forced-laborers).

Overlord Rollie

Goldo's war-machine, Rollie.

Even though he was originally a comrade of Oberon Greenhaze, the elven hero, he had no qualms about enslaving the elves and destroying their forest.
He also had the war-machine Rollie created to safeguard his treasures, unleashing it upon the Overlord and his minions when they stormed his stronghold- in the end, the corrupted king was slained after Rollie was destroyed.
After Goldo's death, the Overlord has the choice of either stealing the king's considerable wealth of ill-gotten gold or freeing the last of the elven females, a race that Goldo and the other dwarves all but exterminated many years ago.

A dwarf

Goldo, turned into a statue to atone for his sins.

In the game's bonus content, it is revealed that Goldo's spirit is cursed in the Abyss by being transformed into a living statue of gold, effectively trapping him within the very substance he was obsessed with in life. He dies in the Abyss when his own people, having become gold-mining workers, went crazy with greed just like him and picked him to pieces.


  • Like all of the seven heroes, Goldo symbolizes one of the seven deadly sins, in this case greed.
  • The seven heroes are also a parody of a typical rpg-party, with Goldo being the dwarf.
  • A statue of Goldo appears in the Netherdeep in Overlord: Fellowship of Evil.