King Gedol is the main antagonist and final boss of Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2.


Sparkster: Rocket Knight Adventures 2

King Gedol is the ruler of the distant Gedol Empire. A powerful sorcerer versed on the black arts, Gedol sought to take over the land of Zebulos. After the defeat of the powerful Devotindos Empire and the destruction of the Pig Star at the hands of Sparkster, Gedol saw the perfect opportunity to make his move, due to all countries being weakened because of the war.

One by one, the Gedol Empire took over all countries that were under control of the Devotindos Empire, eventually attacking the Zebulos Kingdom. Knowing Sparkster posed a threat, he ordered his men to take him down and also hired the help of Axel Gear. Learning about the existence of a legendary armor, he orders Axel Gear to search for it. Axel once again kidnaps the princess to draw Sparkster's attention, so Sparkster once again sets to defend his country, rescue the princess and find the pieces of the legendary armor.

After retrieving the armor and defeating Axel, Sparkster invades Gedol's kingdom and confronts him. After defeating him, Sparkster rescues the princess and return to Zebulos, after which he leaves again to hide the legendary armor.

Sonic The Comic

Gedol appears in the 6 part story Last of the Rocket Knights as the main antagonist.

Gedol brainwashed the entire population of Zebulon City into serving him, watching over them from Castle Zebulan. Gedol attempted to marry Princess Shelly to unite both the Gedol and Zebulan empires under his rule. He also sought to obtain Sparkster's enchanted armor.

However, Gedol's rule was brought to an end when Sparkster shattered the crystal Gedol used to brainwash the people of Zebulos. Upon being freed, the Zebulans revolted against Gedol. The tyrant grabbed Shelly and fled up a tall building. However, Shelly managed to slip out of his hands and into the Sparkster. Angered, Gedol charged at Sparkster but instead landed in a river.