King Edward I of England is the main antagonist of the 1995 Mel Gibson-directed film, Braveheart. He is nicknamed "Longshanks" for his height over 6 feet, and is depicted as a ruthless, tyrannical, psychopathic control freak. He is also shown to be emotionally and physically abusive to his son, Prince Edward, Prince of Wales.

He was portrayed by the late Patrick McGoohan (who was best known for the role of Number 6 in The Prisoner).


When Longshank learn William Wallace's rebellion, he orders to his son, Prince Edward, to stop Wallace by any means necessary. But, Wallace and his army out victorious at the Battle of Stirling and then sacks the city of York, killing Longshanks' nephew and sending his decapitated head to Longshanks. 

Worried by the threat of the rebellion, Longshanks sends his son's wife, Isabella of France, the French king's daughter, to try to negotiate with Wallace, hoping that Wallace will kill her and thus draw his father, the French king, to declare war to Wallace. But, Wallace refuses the bribe sent with Isabella by Longshanks. Then, Longshanks prepares an army to invade Scotland and stop Wallace's rebellion once for all.

Warned of the coming invasion by Isabella, Wallace implores the Scottish nobility to take immediate action to counter the threat and take back the country. Leading the English army himself, Longshanks fights Wallace's army at the Battle of Falkirk where noblemen Lochlan and Mornay betray Wallace. The Scots then lose the battle, and Morrison and Campbell, two friends of Wallace, die at the battle. 

Edward Longshanks


Wallace then charges toward the departing Longshanks on horseback, to try to kill the king, but he is intercepted by one of the king's lancers, who turns out to be Robert, one of his friend. Remorseful, Robert gets Wallace to safety before the English can capture him.

Longshanks later loses his voice as his health seriously deteriorates and dies in his bed at the end of the movie.