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King Dodongo is the boss of Dodongo's Cavern, the second dungeon of the childhood portion of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

King Dodongo is the leader of the Dodongo sent to the cavern by Ganondorf. This is problematic for the Gorons, as King Dodongo loves to eat them. So Link goes into the Dodongo's cavern to defeat the beast once and for all, and reaches him. When King Dodongo charges up his fire attack, Link must throw a bomb in his mouth so it will explode and the king will become vulnerable to a sword attack. King Dodongo is also damaged with Deku Sticks and jump attacks. After Link has slashed him, he gets up and rolls around the outside of the room. Link must manage to dodge the rolling, repeat the throwing-bomb-and-slash process, until he defeats the king of Dodongos. Just then, King Dodongo tries to run Link over one last time, but fails and rebounds off a wall into the central pool of molten rock.

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