King Cold's Elites are a group of elite PTO soldiers under the direct command of King Cold.


Hearing of Frieza's brutal defeat on Namek at the hands of Super Saiyan Goku, King Cold took his forces to go search for Frieza, believing that he couldn't have died so easily. When Fisshi questioned whether Frieza could have survived, Cold replies broke one of his spaceship's windows, causing some of his crew to fall into space. Cold's captain soon finds Frieza's shattered body among some debris and the crew quickly brings him aboard and takes him to get medical treatment.

After Frieza is reconstructed as Mecha Frieza, he requests to his father that they change their course to Earth so he could have his revenge on Goku. After, the spaceship lands in the Northern Wastelands, Frieza ordered the elites to find and kill the Z Fighters.

However, Future Trunks then appears and kills Iru before quickly defeating the rest of King Cold's Elites.