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I handed your mother over to another person. You can’t afford to offend that person. Neither can I. [...] But I can tell you one thing. Your mother is dead. Without question, she is dead! You don’t believe me? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
~ Clayde's most famous quote

King Clayde (simplified Chinese: 克莱德国王), the king of Finlay Kingdom, is one of the main antagonists of the Coiling Dragon series. He made his debut in Volume 1 as a supporting character, but turned into the main antagonist from Volume 6 to 7. He is the elder brother of Duke Patterson, who captured Linley's mother and killed his father. However, he is in fact a pawn of Pope Heidens and the Radiant Church.


Pure soul

Coming soon!

Linley's revenge

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  • Linley Baruch - enemies and false alliance
  • Heidens - true master
  • Prince Sark - son



  • He shares similiarities with Judge Claude Frollo, as they are both responsible for the death of the hero's mother but try to cover it with lies and make the hero as a loyal servant.
    • Unlike Frollo, however, Clayde did have some redeeming qualities, like he cared for his son and underlings.


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