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King Bulblin

King Bulbin riding Lord Bullbo.

I have come to play!
~ King Bulbin

King Bulblin is the tertiary antagonist in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


He is first encountered in Ordon Woods, when his henchmen knock Link out and kidnap Ilia and Colin, after which the king summons a Twilight Portal by blowing his horn. Later, in Kakariko Village, King Bulblin and his minions kidnap Colin again, and Link pursues them on Epona. He eventually engages King Bulblin in a jousting match on the Bridge of Eldin. Link wins, and King Bulblin is knocked off his mount and apparently falls to his doom off the bridge.

However, he is later revealed to have somehow survived. Soon after, he battles Link again, this time on the Great Bridge of Hylia, while Link acts as an escort to Ilia, Telma, and the sick Zora, Prince Ralis. This time, he has equipped himself with shields to protect against Link's sword. This proved to make little difference, however, as Link uses his newfound Bow, defeating him and knocking him off the bridge.

When Link infiltrates the Bulblin Camp, he encounters King Bulblin in a small, empty square surronded by constructions, this time in close combat, only this time the gargantuan Bulblin is equipped with a giant axe. After King Bulblin is defeated once more, he limps away, only to set fire to camp moments before departure. Fortunately, Link manages to escape by ramming a Bullbo through a flimsy wooden wall blocking his exit.

In the courtyards of Hyrule, Link encounters the Bulblin King for the final time. Before the fight, King Bulblin says: "I have come to play!" The king is defeated once more, but this time, realizing that it is hopeless to attempt to kill Link, he surrenders the Small Key he has on his person. He leaves, telling Link and Midna that all he had ever known was to serve the strongest side, acknowledging Link as superior to Ganondorf. This surprises Link and Midna, as Bulblins were thought to lack vocal abilities, aside from grunting. He appears one final time riding around Hyrule Field with his troop of Bulblins in the end credits.

Super Smash Bros. series

King Bulblin SSBB

King Bulblin's cameo in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

King Bulblin also makes a cameo appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. 4 for Wii U. In the Bridge of Eldin stage, King Bulblin appears occasionally, riding Lord Bullbo. He will occasionally try using Bombs to blow up the stage, causing Twilight Portals to replace the destroyed area. However, by hitting him repeatedly, he will be stopped in his tracks and be unable to use the Bombs.

King Bulbin also appears as both a sticker and a trophy in Brawl. On both, he is mounted atop Lord Bullbo.


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