Angler King
I am the angler king! You dare invade my realm!?
~ King Angler

King Angler is the third boss from the Drawn to Life game. He is the king of all anglerfish as his name implies. This battle takes place in the ocean. The beginning of this battle is exactly like the Frostwind battle which means you will spend the first part trying to get to a safe location. When you've reached it the battle will commence. King Angler is somewhat like Deadwood on account of he spawns enemies, but the enemy he spawns are Shadow fish. Another attack he uses is he will charge at you. There is a way to dodge this though. Look for bubbles to be in a straight line, thats where he'll usually charge from. To take him out, you must use another drawn weapon called a Starzooka which fires starfish with a homing capability. Once King Angler is defeated, yet another cage will fall. The contents of the cage are one Raposa. This Raposa though is a rather strange one. He is a vampire Raposa named Count Choco who has a weird craving from tomato juice. (And no! He's not Count Chocula. There's a difference)