King André is the smuggler king of Skull Island. He lives in the smuggler's cave with his assistant Cruff. His lair is filled with piles of treasures, primarily gold. André was the man to whom LeChuck sold the diamond of Minnie Goodsoup's Wedding Ring in exchange for a ship. In Part 4 of The Curse of Monkey Island the player must collect the diamond and the wedding band in order to lift the curse put on Elaine.

Guybrush reaches the smugglers' cave with the assistance of the bumbling lackey LaFoot and an umbrella that he uses as a parachute. As soon as he enters the cave, King André surprises Guybrush by calling him with his name, and mentioning that he expected him. Guybrush can buy into a game of poker against André and Cruff to win the diamond, though André's evil laugh before the game heavily indicates that he intended to cheat. Guybrush will always be dealt the same weak hand, with which he is unable to win. Instead he wins with the five death tarot cards he receives from Madame Xima. When this happens, André and Cruff reveal their intention to kill him. To Guybrush's luck LaFoot comes in immediately and accidentally allows the wind to blow out the lights. Cruff and André are left fighting each other with Cruff appearing to be breaking André's leg in the dark while Guybrush slips away with the Goodsoup diamond. Guybrush's escape is a humiliating defeat for the smugglers, as he is not only the first person to escape their murderous plans, but also escapes with their prized treasure.