King Is a teen bully from the season 1 of The Haunted Hathaways in the episode The Haunted Duel

He was accepted in the scare team again because he passed his test of scary ghost. When he heard Louie said he doesn't know him he go to face him and put him and his friends on the school light. When Louie was believe he do have strong power and challenge him in a duel he accept and said they should do that in the school. Louie who finally find out he do not have powerful power called him and told him he's gronded so he can't go duel him believing he will canceled. But unfortunately for Louie King do not canceled the duel and decide if he do not show up for the duel he will bring the duel in his home. So he trasform in all scary form and humilated Louie every time he didn't scare him at all. When Louie transform into a dog he told everyone who want to see pet the doggy but Louie told him he should never wake the beast inside the little one. He see Louie finally transform into a wolf and scared him and the others when he cried for his mom he transform himself into the little ridding hood costume and run away by humiliation and fear show to everyone is not that tough he said he was.