Yeah, but that backflip though...
~ KingBach's most famous quote.

KingBach is an all-out sex-act gangster. A man on Vine who likes to party, ask for numbers, and... stuff...


Series such as "Niggas be like" and "HEY! LET ME GET YOUR NUMBER!!!" or "Freestyle Fails" and etc... have grown to be popular. However, it's not all sex jokes on KingBach... Videos such as "Damn! Look at that!!!" Shows a girl twerking. but Bach was not reacting to that, he found food on the floor and pushed the girl out of the way and said "RRAAAAGH!!! Five Second Rule!" then eats the random food on the ground. There is also a How to be Awkward parody video. Bach wasn't espicially being awkward. Most enough that his hobby is pranking white people.  It is possibly that he might get a girl... but that won't happen. YET.

Villainous Acts

KingBach can be rather antagonistic (yet that is why I put him on this wiki).

Got your purse!

Bach dressed as a black Spider-Man stealing a purse.

Bach kills one of his friends and says "no one cares...".

Seen over there, that is Bach. Did you know?