Added extra clap; not college material.
~ Kindergarten Teacher about Bart

The Kindergarten teacher was Bart and Milhouse's cynical kindergarten teacher in "Lisa's Sax", the third episode of Season Nine of The Simpsons.

She is voiced by Maggie Roosevelt.


She was arguably the worst teacher in all of Springfield, even more so than even Miss Hoover. When a then five-year old Bart started his first day at school, she noticed he had a little trouble with the alphabet and instead of trying to help him, she told him she expected him to get a lot of F's and then fail in life.

She made him so miserable that Bart drew a very depressing picture of him stabbed in the back with knives, disturbing his mother and terrifying Homer.

Bart became cheerful when he made Milhouse laugh and spit soy milk out through his nose. Once told by Milhouse that the world loves a clown, he started acting out and became the troublemaker he is known to us today as acting out was his only way to get a teacher's attention. Thus she is the reason why Bart acts out in school.


Though she had just one appearance on The Simpsons, she could be one of the most horrible people to appear in the series as she had made a five-year old boy so miserable that he wanted to die. She has not made an appearance since then but it has been hinted she quit and joined the army.