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Kincaid is the main antagonist in Pokemon Ranger Shadow of Alma first off he is shown to be a hypercrite and likes to frame people for actions they did not do.

Kincaid is first seen pretending to be a teacher at the ranger school were he would brainwash the students and pokemons two of the pokemon's he tryed to brainwashed ended up attacking the school.

Later he paid Ollie to put fuel in the Gigaremo units witch are machines that are used to brainwash pokemon. Ollie ended up triping witch started a forest  fire  Kincaid then leves Ollie and all of the pokemon, the people at the ranger school and the people in two town's to die from the fire. 

Kincaid men then kidnap Barlow later when the main character frees Barlow Kincaid  attacks them  it then turns out that his men are so afraid of him that they would reather jump in to the sea from a cargo ship then to get to deal with him. After attacking the main character with a brainwashed pokemon he then try's to sink the chargo ship leveing the main character Barlow his own men and all of the pokemon to die from drowing. Later  Kincaid try's to turn a pokemon into a new cargo ship by pretty much cutting it up and then trys to brainwash it's baby.   Kingcaid is also willing to turn all liveing pokemon into energy against their own freewill just to get more money and power. he was later seen being attack by the mother   and it's baby. It later turns out that he is still a live and have what remains of team dim sun to take the tears of princes to turn the crystal back into the shadow crystal and brainwash more pokemon to get more power. It's unknown what happened to the mother pokemon and her baby but it does hinted at that they might of died.