You have the eyes of an Alpha, but where is the strength?
~ Kincaid to Scott McCall

Kincaid is a blue-eyed werewolf and a minor antagonist in the second half of season 3 of the MTV series Teen Wolf. He is played by Geno Segers.


Kincaid is the late Yakuza mobster Katashi's bodyguard. he first appears when the werewolf Isaac arrives posing as an arms dealer selling a rare antique gun from Chris Argent's private collection to Katashi as a decoy for Allison and Chris to sneak into Katashi's estate. Kincaid catches onto Isaac and threateningly relays a story about the very gun to Isaac about a legendary duel between two brothers. He reveals the duel was a cover story, used for one of the brothers being bitten in the woods by something "monstrous" and by the family's code of honor, the other brother put down his sibling. Ironically, Kincaid bears werewolf claws during the entire interview. He restrains Isaac with little effort and brings him to Katashi, but when Katashi recognizes Chris, he lets Isaac go.

After Katashi is mysteriously killed, Kincaid raids the federal transport vehicle in Echo House containing all the evidence surrounding the murder including his silver prosthetic and takes the finger. Scott's allies confronts him saying they need the finger. Kincaid attempts to make a deal saying it's worth $3 million. When they demand the finger anyway, Kincaid takes the gang on, knocking Kira and Allison aside and beating Scott down, stating that the young werewolf has the eyes of an Alpha, but lacks the strength. Ethan and Aiden overpower Kincaid and almost kill him, but Scott orders them to spare him and takes the Shugendō scroll from the prosthetic, saying they're there to "save a life, not end one".