Kin Tsuchi

Kin Tuschi is a minor villainess in Naruto. She and her team were sent by Orochimaru to kill Sasuke Uchiha but it was actually to test his abilities.


Kin had very long black hair, almost reaching down to the ground, tied by a violet ribbon right near the end, and black eyes. She wore a forehead protector, a pale green vest somewhat similar to a flak jacket, and snake patterned pants and scarf, much like her team-mates: Dosu Kinuta and Zaku Abumi.


Like her team-mates, Kin appeared to be overconfident in her abilities. She had a dislike towards Sakura due to her seemingly vanity for her hair and criticizes her for focusing on her appearances rather than training. Like her team-mate Zaku, she loses focus on her opponent's tactics when overconfident and talking about her abilities. That is seen when she didn't recognize the Shadow Imitation Technique that Shikamaru was using on her while she was talking about her using her Shadow Senbon and Illusion Bell Needles. Kin also appeared to prefer to toy with her opponents by defeating them slowly and painfully as stated by her during her fight with Shikamaru in the preliminaries.