Kimberly "Kimmie" Keegan is an antagonist in the TV sitcom Ugly Betty.

She was portrayed by Lindsay Lohan.

Betty's High School schoolmate who tortured her on numerous accounts. She worked as Ignacio Suarez''s boss at Flushing Burger earlier in season three. After abusing Ignacio at work, she was confronted by Betty and Hilda, getting them all into a food fight after she destroyed Betty's "idea binder". She and Betty later reconciled after Betty apologized for her behavior, and Kimmie admitted that she was jealous of Betty because she seemed to have everything "so together". She later arrived at Mode in hope for Betty to find her a job, and was originally a disaster but after Betty decided to help her, became more successful. She then befriended Marc St. James and Amanda Tanen Sommers , but after Betty accidentally got her a big promotion, she began to treat Marc, Amanda, as well as Betty horribly. However, Wilhelmina Slater soon fired her after she attempted to trump Willy in a decision for the cover shoot that Betty was in charge of, and she vowed to get revenge before being taken away by security.