Kim Kagami

Kim Kagami is the keyboardist of The Newmans. She has glasses, and long black hair. Her shirt has a picture of a dress on it. She is the gender opposite of Kin. She is the keyboardist and she want's to become bigger than Grojband.


Kim has glasses, and long black hair that she wears with a red hair band. Her shirt is black and she wears a red bandana around her neck. She also wears a blue skirt and orange and white sneakers.


Kim is a nerdy inventor who works great with technology and usually uses it to help out with her band. She is also evil and bent on destroying Grojband especially Kin.


  • In original designs, Kim was intended to have square glasses and a different hairstyle.
  • Out of all of the Newmans, Kim has had the least amount of talking lines.
  • Her last name "Kagami" means "Mirror" in Japaneese.