Pah! Weak and emotional as always! Disgusting!
~ Il to his son

Kim Jong II is the deceased father of Kim Jong Un, being the primary antagonist of CollegeHumor's The Adventures of Kim Jong Un.


Being a parody of the real life Korean leader with the same name, II died in late 2011. However, in almost every episode of The Adventures of Kim Jong Un, it ends with the exaggeratedly heroic Kim Jong Un being killed by his "deceased" father. In the episode Kim Jong Un vs. Kim Jong II, he faced his son face to face, revealing that he was resurrected through "robot stuff".

II then begins to taunt and insult his son for not conquering the United States and completing other tasks his father demanded. II then readed to execute Un for both failing him and stated there could be only one Kim Jong. Un willingly accepted his execution. However, Un's robotic minister pointed out the fact that II quoted Highlander and how Un would never reference it. This enraged Un beyond belief, triggering him to uppercut his father's head off, killing him instantly.


  • II always appeared with half of his face ripped off, revealing not bone, but metallic skin and a red glowing eye. This is a parody of the first Terminator.