Killingyouguy is Dangeresque's other archrival in Dangereque 1, Dangereque Too?. He was played by Strong Mad with stunt work done by Strong Sad. KYG is Perducci's henchman who assisted him in destroying both Dangerque & Dangereque Too. Both he and Perducci holds Cutesy Buttons in the top of Bub's Concession Stand. For the most part, Killingyouguy is a thug and brute acting as Perducci's enforcer. For shots in the dark, it was shown that The Cheat was literally covering Strong Mad in black paint.

KYG returns in episode 4 of Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People, entitled Dangeresque 3: The Criminal Projective. Along with Perducci, he appears with information needed for their case. And he also appears to be bullet-proof somehow, according to Killingyouguy (which made Strong Bad/Dangeresque complain about the unfairness of that).