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Killgore Steed
Killgore Steed is a minor antagonist in The Batman and the secondary antagonist of the episode "The Laughing Cats." 

He is a wealthy hunter who poaches rare animals that Catwoman hates. He had a deal with Joker were he wanted two Black Siberian Leopards and Killgore would give him two Albino hynies. To betray Killgore, Joker gassed him with Joker Gas and both Punch and Judy took out his bodyguards with Knockout Gas, keeping the hynies for himself and had the Leopards taken hostage, threatening to kill them with an Acid-filled gun if Batman, Catwoman and Batgirl didn't give up their equipment.

When Catwoman and Batgirl entered the room to rescue the Leopards, Batgirl noticed that Joker betrayed him and had him gassed with Joker Gas.

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