Killgore render
~ Killgore's constant bickering.

Killgore is a minor antagonist of My Life As A Teenage Robot who wants to join The Cluster.


Killgore heads to Earth in order to capture Jenny and eventually conquer the Earth. However, once he arrived just like the Cluster they refused to see him as a villain much to his annoyance. As he constantly annoys Jenny, she is about to destroy Killgore. At this point, the other teens claim Jenny herself is both evil and a monster for trying harm him as they only saw Killgore as a cute toy despite he himself claiming to be evil. Eventually both Jenny makes a deal to surrender to Killgore, planning on tricking him to handing her over to her friends in poorly made costumes. Killgore however contracted the real Cluster only to turn them down once they point out they were joking about making him the leader. Angered Killgore released Jenny though he swore he'd destroy both her and the Cluster.

At some point, he ressurects Armagedroid in a plan to kill Jenny, but once eaten along with her, he has her help him escape due to her forgetting where they were and how they ended up their. In the end he helps Jenny destroy Armagedroid soley because he realized everyone would give the credit to Armagedroid instead. Pulling out Armagedroid weapons and toy weapons they eventually convinced Armagedroid he must destroy himself as he was a weapon to which the robot agreed. Killgore and Jenny escape the explosion and part their separate ways.


Killgore doesn't understand sarcasm and gets angry when somebody refers him as "cute".


  • "I am Killgore and I'm here to destroy you!"


  • Killgore was voiced by Tara Strong, who also voices Gizmo.
  • Killgore serves as a spoof to Zim, and share tons of mannerisms and personality traits.