The Killer Tomatoes are the chief antagonists of the sci-fi comedy series of the films, cartoons, and video games. They are (as the name suggests) tomatoes of a deadly and treacherous nature that seek to take over the world. The tomatoes have the ability to kill a human, but it is unknown how they kill humans in the first film.


In the first film, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, they do not have any mouths or even faces (which they had in the third and fourth films, Killer Tomatoes Strike Back and Killer Tomatoes Eat France) to eat humans. Also in the first film, the tomatoes have the ability to create explosions and roll quickly to chase humans. However, they were defeated when the song "Puberty Love" was played, which was so horrible that the tomatoes shrink to miniature size and are squashed on.

Although absent from the first film the mad scientist known as Professor Mortimer Gangreen would act as the creator and the caretaker of the Killer Tomatoes in the series following the 1988 film, Return Of The Killer Tomatoes.

In the original movie, no explanation is given to how or why the tomatoes became sentient and evil but in all future movies and cartoons they are genetically-altered by Professor Mortimer Gangreen as henchmen of sorts in his many evil, violent, and diabolical schemes.


The Killer Tomatoes were critically bashed, earning very negative reviews from critics.

Remake film

The remake of the 1978 original film is currently in production. The remake will probably be released in 2011 or 2012, but there has been no sign yet of the film's campaigning. The film is possibly using computer imagery to create the tomatoes while in the original, props were designed and when using actual tomatoes at different angles to make them look bigger.