Killer Santa

The Killer Santa is a minor villain in Silent Night, Deadly Night and he was the responsible for killing Billy's parents in 1971 at Christmas Eve. Despite his small screen appearance he leaves a huge impact on the events of the film and its sequel.


While Billy's family went to see Grandpa Chapman, a man disguised as Santa Claus robs a liquor store and shoots the clerk after he reaches for his gun.

Billy and his family were heading home until they saw the man with his car apparently broken down on the dark, deserted road.

Against Billy's terrified objections, his father pulls up beside the stranded man, who pulls out his gun and shoots Billy's father. Billy runs into a field, hides and watches as the criminal drags Billy's mother from the car and slits her throat, killing her.

Billy went to hide and the man tried to find him, but to no avail and Billy and his brother Ricky were put into care. The killer Santa was never caught, however he left a psychological impact on Billy which would turn him into a killer in the future, and as such Billy's actions led to Ricky turning murderer.


  • Mr. Levitt - Shot twice in the chest and once in the head with a handgun
  • Jim Chapman - Shot in the shoulder and head with a handgun
  • Ellie Chapman - Throat slit with a switchblade


  • The Killer Santa makes a strange cameo in the sequel Silent Night, Deadly Night 2 via archive footage. When Ricky goes to the cinema to see a movie with his girlfriend, he discovers the movie is about a man going around killing people dressed like Santa. The film is then shown to actually be Silent Night, Deadly Night, depicting the Killer Santa shooting the clerk and running away with the money.